Bunny’s Smart Grand Mom

Bunny’s Smart Grand Mom

Today it was a happy day; something excellent was going to happen.

Bunny Rabbit’s grandmother was visiting him after one year and that too for fifteen days.

Last year she was with him for only eight days. Grandpa did not visit so often – so grandmother had to come alone.

Grandfather used to live in Manali, and he was a leading doctor there and so surrounded by patients all the time.

That was the reason that he could not go anywhere.

Bunny sometimes used to spend time with his grandparents at Manali during holidays.

Bunny liked to live in Manali, where he could enjoy the cold weather and the beauty of the mountains.

Since it was too hot in Delhi during summer, grandmother visited Delhi in October so that the weather would not be too hot.

“Mommy, I will not go to school today, grandmother will be here anytime,” Bunny said to his Mother in the morning.

“No son, you should go to school. Otherwise, grandma will get angry; she doesn’t like children who bunk from school.” – Bunny’s Mother explained.

“No, mommy, grandma will not be upset; she always loves me”. Bunny said

“Yes, she does…..But!!!” – was said by Bunny’s Mother and then she kept silence.

“Bunny, my son, you should not be so stubborn! Go to school! And when you are back from the school she will be here” – After a lengthy explanation, he agreed to go to the school that day.

But he kept thinking all day in school about what grandmother will bring for me from Manali?

He came from the school as soon as the school got over and got into the house, his grandmother had arrived, and since her voice was already heard, he immediately went inside the house and hugged her.

Grandmother was also pleased to see Bunny, but after seeing him, she looked worried. Mummy got away from there as she knew that grandmother would say something on this.

Bunny had gained tremendous weight since last year. He was a healthy child when Grandma came a year before.

“What had happened in this one year?” How did it happen now? “Grandma made a screaming almost at the sight of her Mother.

The talk could have gone bitter if Bunny’s father had not interrupted and changed the conversation to some other direction.

Then again, grandmother thought how Bunny could become so fat in just one year?

She noticed that the Bunny’s Mother cooked nutritious food at home.

And she also makes it sure that Bunny eats the homemade food and not from outside.

Bunny also does not eat too much and also takes homemade food to his tiffin, then how has he gained so much of weight?

Something is going that has not yet been recognised.

Being a doctor’s wife, she understood and was worried that his grandson had gained so much weight, which is not suitable for his health.

So, it is was necessary to know his diet, which is increasing his weight.

One day while going to school, the grandmother noticed that Bunny’s mother was giving pocket money to Bunny.

Grandmother did not take much time to understand the matter entirely where the problem was.

As soon as Bunny left for school, she also left the house and went straight to the school and sat behind a shop opposite to school.

During the lunch break, when the children came out of classrooms, the grandmother saw Bunny.

He was talking to his friends and coming towards the shop nearby.

The grandmother hid behind the shop so that Bunny could not see her.

Bunny came with his friends and bought packs of cola and chips and took to the school.

The whole packets of cola and chips were finished in a fraction of second.

All the kids were eating the same.

The grandmother went to school the subsequent four days, and the same program continued.

Now, grandmother had known the reason for his weight gain,

Yes! Bunny’s mother had committed a mistake of not asking Bunny about his pocket money.

Children should be tracked on spending money.

Grandmother decided that she would sit together with everyone on the next Sunday and would probably have a solution to this problem.

On Sunday, Papa, Mummy and grandmother had a meeting during which they talked about each other and decided something.

After the meeting, there was a glow of happiness on everyone’s face.

Grandmother, mommy and papa all got ready and went to meet the school principal and talked about the plan from the Principal, which they thought and discussed.

The Principal immediately summoned many senior teachers of his school and informed about this and all agreed upon to decide the event on which day.

The next day when Bunny was getting ready for the school, he saw that both his mother and grandmother were coming out with Manali apples that were to be washed and peeled.

He was surprised that what is to be done with so many Apple’s?

And the grandmother said, “You will get a surprise.

Bunny’s mother and grandmother both were smiling at him.

Bunny could not understand what was so surprising.

At the same time the school bus came, so he immediately went to the school.

When he reached the school, he was observing a different environment in the school.

The colourful balloons were hanging around the table. Some tables were out in the garden.

It was felt that today is going to be something special, but is it not understood?

He went to his classrooms and forgot everything as soon as the studies started.

During the interval, the children took their tiffin and ran towards the garden.

When they arrived in the garden area, there was a different view; they could never have imagined that the garden could be decorated with so much beauty, decorated with colourful flowers, toys and balloons all around.

A variety of food was decorated on the table, and the Mothers of the children were standing behind the counter, then only Bunny saw her mother and grandmother.

‘Oh, that’s it! This was the surprise which mother and grandmother were talking about.”

He came running to the table; Grandma embraced her with love,

Look, what is there for you.

It was a favourite Apple pie for Bunny.

There was a variety of smells in the garden. There was milkshake on one table, somewhere there was a chocolate milkshake.

His friend’s mother had brought cold coffee. Even the children did not know what was happening suddenly on the table.

Children were enjoying their chosen drinks while enjoying apple pie. They were homemade potato chips on a table.

Wow, great crunchy spicy chips that were made of homemade babies never eat such chips.

All Mothers had noticed that no children that eaten cola and outside chips on that day.

Everyone enjoyed the coffee, lassi chips and apple pie there. One thing was clear. Children want to have good food which is different from their routine, whether it is home or outside.

They should know good eating habits.

It was well understood by Mummy how children could be prevented from eating outside.

The Principal agreed on with the grandmother that now there is no buying chips or cola from outside.

The children in school can have healthy drinks available in school, which will be made healthily and will also be tasty.

The habit of drinking cola and his friends gradually stopped because he started getting fresh drinks and snacks made in school.

Even at home, Mummy started making her own Delicious and savoury Drinks.

Bunny’s grandmother’s trick worked successfully. When she visited the next year, Bunny had lost all the excess fat had also started taking part in athletics.

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