How to organise your life?

How to organise your life?

My present life has become highly dis-organised, what should I do to fix it?


How to organise your life?

Your present life is dis-organised; it means that there are unwanted thoughts in mind for you.

It is necessary for you to remove the jumble of thoughts into the thoughts of hope.
But it is not as easy as cracking a nut.
When chaotic traffic of thoughts is there in mind, it is challenging to understand where to start solving the mess.
You need to understand this chaos of life in its totality.
If we make a logical analysis of the problem, then it can be relatively easy to reach its permanent solution.
To do this, you first need to write all your apprehensions, fears, desires and wishes on paper.
The problems you are going through in life and what are your wishes in life, if these are penned down on a paper, you will feel quite relaxed.
And if something is still bothering your mind, you can write it anytime, and you would feel lighthearted.
Now the problem is looking in front of your eyes in absolute form.
Again, in your mind, the question would arise, “where can I get the point of the solution”?

To find the starting point of solution you need to categories your issues in three classes-

1. Highest priority

2. Moderate priority

3. Problems with mild priority

When you have all the three categories ready, you can start solving the problems which you have noted as per your highest priority and later you can start solving the problem that falls in medium priorities.
And the unimportant categories can be solved anytime.

To make your life more scheduled, systematic and worthwhile, you can try the following steps to organise your life:

1. Write a schedule of your routine.

2. Write about your priorities in life like careers, family, investment, social responsibility etc. in another paper.

3. Read your daily schedule by incorporating your top priority work into it.

4. Scheduling everyday tasks in an autopilot mode. Complete assignments within the time given schedule.

5. Check your time table daily in the morning and night. This will help you stay focused on your preferences.

6. Completing your tasks within the allotted time table will make you stress-free and enlightened.

Try to practice this way for a while and see if you have any changes in your current situation.
I’m sure you will be surprised to see the difference.

Apart from the above-said point,

Here are a few additional points that one should always follow to de-clutter the negative thoughts from mind.

a) Power of Meditation

Meditation is the way by which peace of mind can be restored. This increases the level of concentration, the strength of mind and overall quality of life.

b) Journal therapy

This is a therapy based on keeping the essential and eliminating the junk thoughts from the mind. You can always write and express your feelings.

c) Task prioritizing

You should always prioritize your work so that you may be able to complete all your work on time.

d) Healthy lifestyle

Following a healthy lifestyle includes, balanced diet and enough rest so that you remain healthy and fit.

e) Reduce screen time

You should reduce your screen time like television and mobile phones as it emits harmful radiations and prolonged exposure to these radiations can cause severe disease.

f) Spend time with nature

I know in this busy life, people get less time to spend with Nature. But, if you spend some of your time with nature, you will have a healthy mindset.

g) Go slow

Do not follow the rat race of growth and success. Take up the task which you can do just put your efforts on that rather than taking up any responsibility which may lead you into the rat race. Try to finish the tasks one by one.

h) Develop gratitude

You should always develop an approach to thank you. It helps you to become strong even in the worst situations of life.

i) Talk to close ones and share your problems.

You can share your problems with your close ones, and you can always take their help in solving your life problems.

j) Smile

You can learn to smile looking at your face in the mirror every day in the morning. This will boost your confidence, and you will never feel low.

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