Here are few quick facts about development in children after birth.

The physical, intellectual, emotional, social, sensational and functional development begins just after the birth.

This world is an unknown place for children. They recognize only their mother’s voice. Listening to their mother’s voice gives a soothing feeling and a sense of protection in children. They need a lot of hugging and cuddling from their mother.  Therefore, mothers should spend as much time they can be with their children so that their babies feel secure, loved and cared.  This helps in the overall development of children.


Infants show their needs by crying. They cry when they are hungry, wet or they have any other problem.  A mother should always make their kids comfortable as soon as possible. If the infants get prompt action on their demands, they develop a feeling of being protected, and they become sure that someone is caring for them.


Infants are found sleeping most of the time after birth, and they wake up only when they are hungry or wet. But sometimes they are not awake even when they are hungry; in that case, a mother should wake their kids in every two or three hours and feed them.

In case the baby does not stop crying, a doctor should be consulted.

Generally, it is seen that parents and family members speak to the infants and small kids. Even though the babies do not understand the language and meaning, but It is interesting to see the kid’s responses to them.  They seem to be enjoying the conversation. This conversation is very significant for the kid’s development, and this provides a positive impact on their mental growth. The ability to think and understand grows very fast in kids. They develop emotions, and slowly they learn the language to express their needs and feelings.

If we pay attention, then we may notice that children express themselves with their different actions. For example, if they are happy they smile, and sometimes they clap and break out with big laughter. If they need something, then they pass a signal to have that particular thing.

After a few months of birth, the kids start expressing themselves. Nearing to a year, a kid starts sitting, walking, running and holding things in their hands.

Until five years of age, there is rapid development in kids. In the children of the age of five, there is physical, intellectual, emotional, the behavioural foundation of growth is observed. At this stage, the relation between their parents, family members and relatives are more important.

As the kids spend the most time with their mothers, its mother’s behaviour and relations that play a significant impact on children. This impact is not only between mother and children but also with mother and her life partner and with other members of the family and also how all the members in a family share their relations. These all affect the development of kids.

Thus parents should know how they should behave in front of the kids.

Therefore a few things should be taken care of as follows:

  1. For good upbringing of kids, parents should take good care of children’s health. Note that their diet includes all kinds of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate and nutrients. And they should follow the diet prescribed by the doctor.

As they will have a habit of eating good food since childhood, they take care of their food habits later on.

Parents should tell them the benefits of various food items from time to time and also the importance of eating good food. This will help in inculcating the habit of eating good food and keeping a good diet.

  1. There is a lot of importance of sports in children. Not only they stay fit with, but it also helps for their physical, mental and intellectual development. Children become friendly and disciplined.

The parents who have an interest in sports activities have their children also interested in the same. Playing with kids strengthen the bond between parents and their children.

  1. Talking to children enhances the relationship between kids and their parents. It should be taken care of that when the kids are talking to them; you should pay total attention to kids. This makes the kids feel that you stay happy with them and you care for them.

The moment you are with the kids, you should accept them and do not give them instructions every time. Even if the kid is doing something wrong, do not attempt to correct him or her every time.

Talk to the kids depending upon their behaviour. Sometimes the kids have a different mood, and we say something different. So listen carefully to your kids and respond according to their needs. To understand the kids, you may listen to them with interest and encourage them to express themselves completely.

Listening to them with interest and encouraging them strengthens the bond between you and your kids.

  1. Develop a relationship of mutual respect, trust and care with your kids. Whenever the kids want you, you may stand along with the kids. Understand and listen to your kids, the kids will develop trust in you. If a baby stumbles, you may move forward to help him/her.

School going kids face different problems there. If the kids are facing difficulties in school, then try to solve the problems as soon as possible. In that case, kids will develop trust in their mothers that she will take care of everything every time.