Parenting Tips # Healthy Habits

Parenting Tips # Healthy Habits

Parents are the role models for children. The habit formation starts in children since the childhood. If the parents follow healthy habits, it will more likely become a habit for the children. To make the children physically active, parents need to follow certain parenting tips:


  1. Make physical activity part of daily routines. Parents need to be active and spend at least an hour in physical activity.

2. Simple running, jogging and exercise can be boring and monotonous for children. Find some fun activities that they like to do. For example, swimming, sports of their choice, ride bikes, dribbling a ball etc.

3. Good parenting involves children in family activities. For example, walk with your children to the market, wash the car etc.

4. Planting and weeding in the garden, cleaning the paintings and decorative pieces in the home, resetting wardrobes.

5. Plan some sports activities with their friends. Arrange activities like a bike ride, jump rope, dance, skating etc.

6. Plan some group activities like playing indoor games or dance with neighbourhood and relatives.

7. Take your children to water parks and sports clubs to try different games.


8. Encourage children to play in the school and participate in other activities.

9. Limit television and computer time and do not let your children use them in their bedrooms.

10. Sometimes due to bad weather, busy schedule, being tired and health issues, you cannot encourage or plan physical activities. At such time, have some other options to stay active. For example, purchase some sports equipment at home, joining sports clubs where children can go of their own etc.

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