There could be many causes of depression that should not be ignored. Following are the causes of depression: A family history of depression, Drug or alcohol abuse, Feeling trapped in your life, Depression due to certain diseases and serious illness, Due to some stressful events in life, 
Sadness due to the death or loss of a close one, Social isolation.


1. Family History of Depression

Depression is caused by changes in some chemicals present in the brain. The compounds are called neurotransmitters, and they are known as serotonin and dopamine. The brain has to produce these neurotransmitters to keep the mood balanced. If there is a family history of depression, then it is difficult for the brain to produce those neurotransmitters in the right quantities. Hence, it is more likely to get depressed if there is a family history of the same.


2. Drugs, Alcohol Abuse and Depression:

All types of drugs and alcohol lead to depression. Alcohol, if taken in moderate amount, is not so harmful, but if consumed in large amounts can deplete the hormones serotonin and dopamine in the brain. The change in the chemistry of the brain leads to depression.

According to brain scans, it can take months for the brain chemistry to return to normal after drug or alcohol abuse.

3. Feeling Trapped:

Everyone wants to be happy in life, and the basis for happiness lies in achieving those things which are their dreams and desires.

It would be so nice to imagine a world where everyone gets what one wants. As for example, students need not work hard for their exams, still get desired results.

 Without spending hours in gym and sweating while running, anyone can get biceps and six-pack abs. No one gets sick even if one eats whatever and how much one likes. Everyone gets a job which he likes, and there are no hassles in the roles. There is peace globally, no one fights, and no one gets sick, no natural calamities, no accidents and so on.

But we all know that this does not and cannot happen. Instead, everyone feels trapped in some part of the life. People feel confined by external factors, such as a job that they do not like, studies the students do not like, an unhealthy relationship, lousy health, corruption, terrorism and other unfavourable conditions that do not change.

People also feel trapped by some internal factors like low self-esteem or negative thinking etc. People struggle to get out of that situation, but sooner or later they start feeling exhausted when they do not get success in their efforts. Such a case brings them into depression.



4. Depression due to certain diseases:

Certain diseases and medications can also cause depression. For example, side effects of anaemia, diabetes, thyroid disease, or heart disease can be depression. Some medications can also lead to depression.

5. Depression due to stressful events in life:

Stressful events such as changing schools, going through a divorce, retiring, abuse, past physical, sexual or emotional abuse can lead to depression later in life.



6. Sadness due to the death or loss of a close one:

Sadness due to the death or loss of a close one, though natural, may sometimes increase the risk of depression.



7. Social Isolation:

Social isolation from the family or social group can also contribute to the risk of developing depression.