Hi, my name is Anshu Shrivastava, founder of anshushrivastava.com. I am from Delhi, India and have authored two books “Welcome Zindagi” and “Ajita”.


Why did I create this website?

Today is the era of technology and competition. In a constantly changing environment, the younger generation of today has to deal with various issues and problems in daily life. It is therefore essential for everyone to have life skills to handle the problems of everyday life.
I share my thoughts on various topics related to life skills issues on this website.

I also share information about parenting.
Effective parenting plays a vital role in the development of children as sincere citizens. The blogs on the website provide the parents and teachers with lessons on parenting as to how should they raise children, especially in their adolescent years.
The blogs also focus on the common mistakes made by parents while raising their kids.


Who will find this website useful?

• Due to high competitiveness and digital media, the lives of students and youth have become tense so that this information will be especially helpful to them.
• Blogs on various other topics and mental health issues can be beneficial for everyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.
• Blogs on life skills related topics can be useful for those who face problem to tackle issues in daily life.
• Blogs on parenting will be helpful to parents and teachers.


Blogs topics

This website shares information on the topics Parenting, Mental Health and life skills issues.

1 Parenting

Good parenting is the foundation of making children a decent person. People make society and the Nation. Therefore parenting plays a vital role in creating a better nation.
Children and adolescents have many problems with their growing age. Sometimes they lack proper guidance to deal with issues in their lives.
This website shares information that parents should be familiar to understand their children’s conflict and emotional needs.
By providing proper education and guidance, parents can make their children successful individuals.

2 Mental health

This website shares information that helps people to reduce the stress and anxiety of their life. The blogs also include information about depression.

3 Questions and Answers (related to Lifeskills)

In this section, the information is shared on various problems associated with life skills.


About Me

I am an author and a passionate blogger. My latest novels are:
‘Ajita’ & ‘Welcome Zindagi’
I am a proud mother of two sons who have good moral values.

Although, I sometimes feel that I missed some important aspects of parental guidance and had made a few mistakes while raising my children. Therefore, I wish none of the parents makes any mistakes while raising their kids as I did. And they should raise their kids as good citizens with a healthy body and mind.

I have also written a few stories both in English and Hindi which showed an immense response from the readers.
Apart from the topics mentioned above, I have also written a few blogs on topics that could be either motivational or inspirational to someone. (Available on the Things to know category)
The basis of the information on this site is a self-study of the subjects and my personal experience from day to day life. The content should not be used as professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
I am a Science post graduate and have also done a teachers training course. I have experience of running a preparatory school for five years.

So don’t wait and do explore the informative blogs shared here and be ready to either change your parenting style or get motivated to deal with your children to make them emotionally and mentally healthy. Stay Tuned and Subscribed!!!!