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Chapter 1

As she lay surrounded by her people, her face displayed a serene calmness. Who was this woman? Her name was Ajita, a conqueror.

The story begins on the day when she was preparing breakfast for her son, Abhi, who was still in bed. Like a typical Indian small-town woman, Ajita’s mornings would begin in the kitchen. She was accustomed to waking up early so that she could prepare lunch for Abhi and get him ready for school. The sun was rising and she could see the rays as they entered her kitchen window.  Winter birds chirped atop the banyan tree behind the boundary wall. The birds made nests every year; nestlings would be born and soon they would fly away from the tree. Ajita thought of these birds as her morning allies. She missed them in the summer when they migrated. Continue reading “Chapter 1” »

Chapter 2

One afternoon, Abhi returned with a birthday invitation from his friend Anand, who stayed across the road in a big bungalow. Anand’s father had a business of ready-made garments, and his mother Sunanda was a homemaker.

“What will I wear for the party today? I have worn all these clothes before. There is nothing new for me to wear.”  Immediately, he took out all the clothes from his cupboard.

“Why do you want to put on new clothes? Is it your birthday? Only the birthday boy gets to wear new clothes to look special. Friends wear good clothes but not new ones. Here, wear this for the party.” Continue reading “Chapter 2” »

Chapter 3

Festival of colors, holi was nearing. Ajita and Abhi were very fond of this festival. Ajita loved to prepare various foodstuffs for the festival much in advance. She made a variety of snacks and sweets. Abhi’s only support was to be with her at every step of preparation. He would be very happy and enthusiastic when something different from the daily schedule happened at home. Cleaning and decoration of the house were also done along with cooking.

One afternoon Abhi found an old album in his mother’s cupboard.

“Who is he in the photo?”

“This is my father”. Continue reading “Chapter 3” »

Chapter 4

Now that Holi was over, there were only a few days left before the examinations and by the time Ajita had finished her daily work she felt tired and sleepy. It was at this time that both her husband and mother-in-law fell ill. Vijay had a stroke of malaria and Jaya contracted cholera. Vijay had become very weak and Jaya was advised to take complete rest and all due precautions.

“You are very tired, Ajita. Go and take rest for a while.”  Vijay said as he watched Ajita go about her chores. For the last several days, Ajita did not get the time to take proper rest. She was overloaded with work. Continue reading “Chapter 4” »